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    Welcome to visit Zhejiang Chengzhou City Qianlong Yuexi Hardware Co., Ltd.!
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    About us

    Zhejiang Chengzhou City Qianlong Yuexi Hardware Co., Ltd. (formerly Zhejiang Shengzhou chemical Hardware Industrial Co., Ltd.) is located in the Zhejiang Shaoxing, Shengzhou City Huang Ze Development Zone, enterprise has set up a time for about 30 years of growth, is specializing in the production of "more Xi" brand floor drain and to the drainage system is equipped with a set of products, floor drain the hydraulic laboratory test of Tongji University, through the Architectural Society of Shanghai city to drainage professional committee of identification. Water supply and drainage products into the national standard atlas. Multi-channel floor drain structure in the form of the first domestic product to fill the domestic blank, and obtain a number of national patents, Ministry of construction, the construction of urban residential areas pilot was recommended certificate, China Association for engineering construction standardization construction recommend products "in the title, sales network of radiation in domestic and foreign markets.
    In the "national standard" floor drain and the Ministry of construction "04S301 building water supply and drainage equipment accessories, selection and installation of standard drawing, six kinds of floor drain in our company, all the examples are incorporated into the standard, the magnetic anti dry floor drain, with its excellent performance has been widely applied to various types of real estate projects, at present our production floor drain fully meet the requirements of new implementation of the April 1, 2010 2009 edition of" code for design of building water supply and drainage, in which, 4.5.10 and 4.5.10A on the floor itself: the floor drain should be preferred to prevent dry floor drain and multi-channel floor drain; by Bell (Kou Wan) is strictly prohibited in the provisions of normative type floor drain; in the preferred anti magnetic dry drain is superior products, the state and the Shanghai City Council agreed to drainage;
    Enterprises in Shanghai, Tongji University, East China Architectural Design and Research Institute, Shanghai modern group and other units of the relevant experts to develop new products, improve product quality, optimize product technical performance. 2000 through the IS09002 international quality system certification. The relevant departments of the Ministry of construction and Shanghai assistance to drainage technology development center, access to a number of patents, is in the field of domestic floor drain only won the promotion of the Ministry of construction enterprises and obtained in the domestic country Kang home to wait for multinomial promotion.
    At present, in the middle of the floor drain placed a magnetic device, the floor drain can achieve the double sealing effect, the drainage system of bacteria and odor can not enter the room. Division I specialized in floor drain development, production of 20 years to, we from the aspects of market and feedback information is summarized, continuously improve the form and structure of the floor drain, has always been at the forefront of the industry of floor drain, the products meet the increasingly improve the relevant national standards and specifications. Can make our floor drain rapid development in the Chinese market, we will market into refined decoration floor drain and engineering floor drain two market.
    Refined decoration floor drain is dominated by anti dry type stainless steel floor drain, due to the evaporation of water to reduce water seal water, water can not be supplemented in time, will lose the deodorant function. For water seal to protect, extend the evaporation time, if inside the floor drain with magnetic sealing device, you can reduce the evaporation of the water seal water, permanent magnet using long life (magnetic effects must be in more than 100 DEG C and a strong magnetic field, in the floor drain does not exist), product cleaning and convenient, smart structure, easy to install. Our products in the health and epidemic prevention, using permanent magnet sealed and standard seal double device, better achieve the deodorant antibacterial effect, to protect health.
    Engineering floor drain to prevent dry multi-channel floor drain and anti dry floor drain based, multi-channel floor drain is a common seal, through the bath or wash basin, surface cover and replace leakage sealing to save water, increase water replacing the frequency and reduce water corrosion, keep clean, also do not break achieve supplement water seal of the water storage, so as to keep the indoor air cleaner. Simultaneous multichannel main floor drain body large capacity, good drainage ability of preventing water overflow and larger self-cleaning ability, when a jam occurs, multi-channel floor drain will more depending on the location of the outfall to a location, convenient maintenance. At the same time for the cleaning layer in the construction process, the inlet direction can be adjusted, convenient and labor-saving.
    Now our company production of floor drain more than 20 varieties, careful product design and processing, with refined decoration panel, step in place, suitable for new residential, office, hotel, workshop, renovation of existing homes, hospitals and other buildings.